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Top 10 Movies of 2024 (So Far)

With new Coppola, Eggers and more on the horizon, it can be easy to forget about all the great movies we’ve gotten this year, which is why I made this list. I hope you find something worth watching!


10. Love Lies Bleeding

The sophomore outing of Rose Glass is a great spin on the neo-noir western. Following a gym employee and her bodybuilding lover getting tangled in a web of corruption, greed and murder, it’s a thrilling, beautifully expressive exploration of family and human connection filled with great performances. Trailer


9. The Idea of You

I got a lot of flack for my glowing review of Michael Showalter’s newest rom-com, but I stand by every word I said. Watching this suburban mom fall in love with a boyband’s front man was such a fun, heartwarming experience. Trailer


 8. Lisa Frankenstein

I never got the chance to review this unexpected delight, but Zelda Williams’ debut feature is tons of fun. Caught somewhere between Heathers (1988) and But I’m a Cheerleader (1999), it’s a great spin on one of my all-time favorite stories. Trailer


 7. Dune 2

I didn’t expect Denis Villenueve’s long-awaited sequel to be so low on this list, but I was simply underwhelmed. Greig Fraser’s cinematography certainly takes an almost painterly approach in its shot composition, but there’s something so sterile about Paul’s revenge against those who betrayed his family. Maybe it was the overacting, or the sentimentality of the score. Despite these gripes, it’s one of the cinematic events of the year, which speaks volumes! Trailer


6. The Fall Guy

David Leitch’s love letter to stunt work is full of laughs, and I was pleasantly surprised by the chemistry between Blunt and Gosling. It’s obviously not a perfect film by any stretch, but there’s no need to nitpick a fun time. Watch this! Trailer


 5. Challengers

After Bones and All (2022) left me speechless, I promised myself to never doubt Luca Guadagnino again, and his latest feature proves me right to do so. This bold, unfettered film about pro-tennis players and their strange love triangles has wonderful acting and a score for the ages. Easily one of this year’s best movies. Trailer


 4. Monkey Man

Blending Korean classics like Oldboy (2003) with the high-octane thrill of Hong Kong action films, Dev Patel managed to create a miracle. Taking the classic plot of a man seeking revenge against those who killed his mom, it sets itself apart in how it critiques the very structures that allow these tragedies to happen. With a heart-stopping pace and wondrous cinematography, this is one of those films that reminds me why I love movies. So much care is put into every frame. Trailer


3. Chicken for Linda

If you couldn’t tell from my review, I’m obsessed with this animated film by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach. It’s about Paulette’s journey gathering ingredients to cook a special dinner for her daughter as all nearby grocery stores are shut down due to a strike. Be it the stunning animation or the gorgeous use of music, this is one of my favorite movies this year. Just incredible. Trailer


2. Furiosa

George Miller’s latest addition to his iconic dystopian universe is also the most tender. Following Furiosa’s journey home, it’s a masterfully executed exploration of a world that’s beautifully realized. I absolutely loved this movie; it kept me on the edge of my seat. Slick camera work, great acting, wonderful music. This is what Dune 2 wanted to be! Trailer 


1. I Saw the TV Glow

The word ‘masterpiece’ is thrown around so casually now, but don’t let that take away from the absolutely towering achievement of Jane Schoenbrun’s second feature film. Centered around two friends dealing with their favorite show being cancelled, it’s perhaps one of the most important movies to be released this year. Even with new Coppola in the works, I find it hard to imagine how any other film in 2024 can be as potentially life changing, intimate, and darkly haunting as this absolute stunner. Trailer


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